A Woodland Nursery for Miles

20 May

I’m not sure why both of our childrens’ nurseries revolve around outdoor creatures – but alas, we fell in love with this woodland fabric by the same designer who did Macy’s bird fabric and had to feature it in Miles’ room. Remember when Macy’s room was done a good 4-6 weeks before she was born? Well, poor second child had to wait until about 4-6 weeks AFTER he was born…but it’s done! The clever little fox came out as the main woodland creature – but I also like the little hedgehogs on the shelf and the owl keeping watch near the baby monitor. Other special mentions/favorite items go out to the terrarium, pussy willows and gnarly branch around the mirror that I randomly happened upon in a local gift shop. I’m very pleased with how this came together and can’t wait to see Miles enjoy it as he grows up (barring he actually learns to like sleeping in his crib in the near future…)!

(Don’t mind the tablet thrown into the room at the last second by the two-year-old in the first photo…)








A Few of My (new mom) Favorite Things

20 Aug

Once Macy hit 3 months – I really started to feel like the “new baby fog” had lifted. I noticed the sun shining, waffles smelled so good again, I remembered real life things I needed to take care of and I was feeling good about this whole being-a-mom thing.

As a way for me to remember – and to assist those who may care – I wanted to put together a list of favorite things that have gotten me through these first few months. These are the items that made my life “easier” and better (although, admittedly, some of them I didn’t buy/use until in the thick of it)…

  • Changing pad liners – I’m not sure why I never had these on my list, amidst all of my research pre-baby, but I didn’t come across these until visiting new baby Owen a couple of weeks before Macy was due. SO handy to keep the changing pad & cover clean and so easy to throw some laundry treatment spray on and clean-up for the next mess. 😉
  • Drying rack – With all of the bottles, pumping parts and other misc. items – a drying rack for baby stuff is 100% necessary!
  • Wipe dispenser – Again, something I did not have since I knew I didn’t want a warmer – but noticed in baby Owen’s nursery. LOVE having it to keep the wipes moist and make them easy to grab without opening the package each time and with the weight weighing the package down.
  • Nursing tanks – I LIVED in these the first 3 months of Macy’s life until nursing and pumping became a thing of the past (a whole other story, really). I bought a couple of nice looking pajama pants, a couple nice V-neck shirts and had a couple of dependable zip-up hoodies…and that was my wardrobe that worked with constant feedings, lounging and the random visitors.


  • Baby Connect app – This is our life line. Seriously. We still use it and we depend on it. Being the types that we are – we knew we wanted an app that we could track Macy’s feedings, diapers and other items on it. We really only use it for diapers, feedings, weight/height measurements, baths and sleeping (which we only started doing a few weeks ago when a schedule became more of a thing…). This app allows us both to enter information and sync to one another. Especially in the early days when the “fog” is so thick – having what time she last ate written down was a lifesaver.
  • MAM pacifiers – I had three different type of pacifiers on hand for when Macy arrived (and took one of each to the hospital!) because I knew not all babies like all types of pacis. She hated the one given in the hospital – so I was glad I had some with me. She ended up loving the MAM and those are what we use still to this day.
  • Kiinde bottle warmer – For some reason completely unknown to me, we did not start using this right away although it was sitting on our counter. We did the whole warm-the-bottle-in-a-cup-of-hot-water thing for probably the first 6 weeks of Macy’s life. And then a light shone down from Heaven onto this wonderful device! So we figured it out and began using it and then I felt dumb that I hadn’t  been using it all along. So easy! We made formula in bulk (we soon bought a Dr. Brown’s pitcher when she started drinking a larger amount), so whenever Macy needed to eat – we’d throw a pre-poured bottle from the fridge in the warmer, go and change her diaper and then grab the bottle to give her – easy peesy. They have a whole feeding system (freezer bags, bottles, etc.) that we would’ve used if nursing would’ve gone differently.
  • Joovy and Dr. Brown bottles – Again, I had three different types of bottles bought, cleaned, sterilized and ready for baby in order to have one she’d take. We ended up using these two – both of which she took to just fine – and have never touched the third. We bought the Joovys because they are a whole system that was very appealing – the 5 oz. bottles hook up to the pump (less milk lost in transfer) and then they can transition to sippy cups with the handles added later on. The Dr. Brown’s were due to many recommendations that they help with spit-up & colic, etc. due to their advanced “straw” mechanism. Macy loves them and we’ve continued using these (and the Joovys).
  • Sterilizing bags – Speaking of sterilizing…we use these to sterilize new bottles, pacis, toys, etc. and I do the bottles (almost) weekly to avoid any sort of grossness. Each bag can be used 20 times – so nice to pop them in the microwave and be done!
  • Hands free pumping bra – ‘Nuff said.
  • Dryer balls – I didn’t buy these until later because I had never used them in my life. But it all of a sudden dawned on me one day that they might solve my issue – that all of Macy’s clothes came out of the dryer wrinkled because they were so small that they’d just hang out in a big ball together going ’round and ’round. Best revelation ever – now I don’t have to iron nearly as much! 🙂 Note – we don’t put fabric softener or anything in them so to keep them “free & clear” for baby.

moby wrap 2

  • Moby wrap – I knew I wanted a carrier to aid with contact and allow me to get some stuff done around the house. Somehow, I received THREE Moby’s at my showers – ha! I pared them down to one and Macy ended up loving it. I use it around the house (she usually ends up just falling asleep) and for grocery trips – which means I can use my cart for groceries instead of her car seat. 🙂
  • The Baby Bargains Book – This book was our favorite thing while researching baby items – and we will continue to reference it for future purchases. Best. Book. Ever!
  • Baby Jogger City Select stroller – I’m pretty outspoken about how much we LOVE our stroller – but here it is again. No, it’s not a jogging stroller (me? jogging? ha!) – but it is easy to fold/unfold, a smooth ride, great storage provider, sleek/chic-looking and best of all…it can be used as a double stroller. We added adapters to use our Britax B-Ready car seat to it and also, the Britax parent console. Additionally, we bought the bassinet accessory off of Craigslist – which we LOVE using while Macy is small.
  • The Honest Company’s diapers & wipes bundle – Trust me, it’s not just for the cute designs…it’s all about convenience here. I love that these just show up on my doorstep (however heavy the box may be…) without any effort. We did a big price comparison with name and generic brands to make sure we weren’t way over paying here – and it turned out to be completely comporable…and even just a bit cheaper if you consider not using gas and time to go to the store for them. The horror stories about needing to run to Target at 10p for diapers/wipes was enough for me to know this was a good idea. Signing up for the bundle means there is a price break on the products – and it will hit your card/deliver monthly unless you adjust the date (which I do via the app based on when she goes through the packs…maybe every 5 weeks-ish?). Plus – these are hands-down my favorite wipes thus far…I like the feel of them, the amount of liquid on them and they seem to suit Macy well, too). I will say that now that Macy is sleeping at night like a champ (*knock, knock*) – she has leaked through these at night (she doesn’t wake up from being wet)…so we’ve started using a size up just for night-time…but in general – VERY happy with these diapers/wipes and the convenience factor…works great for us!


In addition to all the baby items…here are a few that have made me feel like a human during these hazy months…

  • Espresso (read: caffeine) – First and foremost, my people would not stay alive if it weren’t for espresso and the magic machine that makes it. I can hardly keep milk stocked in the house between my latte and cereal habits, but that’s another story…
  • Clarisonic – I was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing machine by my husband for Christmas last year. I used it every once in a while during that time – but never understood how good it made me feel until I was in the midst of the newborn months. When I would, finally, get a long, hot shower while someone else was watching Macy – the Clairisonic is one of the first things I get excited about…it’s like a mini facial that I don’t have to pay for.
  • Clinique Surge Face Spray – This is a total splurge that I got for some random reason with a Sephora order last year before I was pregnant. I really never used it, to be honest – I think I bought it thinking it’d help with the dry skin of Minnesota winters (which it would!) – but started using it post-baby just for a little “refresher” – and boy, does it make me feel human for some reason! Probably all mental. My point, friends, is to find those things that you need to feel like “you.”
  • Hair coloring – I did not put getting my hair done as a priority for baby – but once I did when she was around 2 months…I wish I had done it the week before she came. I was me again! Make it a priority. 🙂


And just a few extra things, while I’m at it…

  • Thanks for visiting gift – I knew we’d have a decent amount of visitors coming over to see the baby (and I wanted them!) – but wanted to have some hospitality item ready for when they did come, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to muster up the energy to do anything at the time. I prepped some little bags of popcorn with a “Thanks for poppin’ by!” tags on them ready for the crews to come. The popcorn maybe wasn’t the best idea because it ended up going stale – but the idea was there…maybe candy or something else instead?
  • Paper plates & silverware – These were necessary for the random snacking done around the house without dishes to wash – as well as visitors who came bearing food-like gifts. Less dishes makes a happy mom!
  • Frozen cookies – I’m SO glad I did this. We froze about 4 dozen cookies before the baby came in order to have a stash for a) when chocolate/treats were needed amidst the crazy and b) when guests texted saying they were coming over and I wanted to have something out and ready. I wish there were still some in there…


OK, that got kinda lengthy. But that’s that! I hope this comes in handy for someone – if not, I’ll reference it when we’re ready for #2…


Visiting Macy…

5 Jun

We were happy to have so many visitors who came to see us and meet Macy during her first few weeks of life. It was a nice break from things, good conversation and new snuggles for Macy. 🙂 Thanks to all who stopped by!













A Whimsical Bird Nursery for Macy

28 May

Seriously – SO fun putting together a nursery for our little baby girl!





Macy Victoria

20 May

She’s here! We’re overjoyed and so glad to finally have her with us.

In the spirit of recording for memory – here’s the story of how we got from staring at my 9-month pregnant self to holding our precious gift in our arms…

It was a not-so-secret fact that in the last trimester of my pregnancy, my doctor made it clear that I needed to schedule a c-section for 39 weeks – which I was not real pleased about. I was hopeful to go into labor naturally before then, but prayed and prayed for peace with however it all went down. How weird it was to schedule our child’s birthday! A surreal thing, but also kind of nice to know that there was a final date to look forward to! We both had bought new overnight bags – which were packed and ready by the door, the car seat was installed & had been inspected, there was an extra key ready for my parents who would be travelling and the nursery was all set! All we just needed the baby…

On the Thursday (5/1) before the scheduled surgery, I had an appointment and had the doctor try to move things along. Nothing seemed to be happening until Friday night, when I had a couple of signs that something may be happening. Nick got home from work and we decided to go on a “last date” to dinner with a gift card we had received (Thanks, Conlons!). While at the restaurant, I started having contractions and we began getting excited. I continued to have contractions all night and after waking up at 3:30a on Saturday 5/2, and having contractions for 1 minute each, less than 5 minutes apart and for longer than one hour (those are the rules!) – we went to the hospital very excited & anxious! Unfortunately, we were sent home after I showed no progress and the contractions did not stay consistent. What a demeaning thing to have happen! We were very disappointed – especially considering that I didn’t want the c-section on Tuesday! We left the hospital and went to breakfast where all the wait staff at our local joint were chit-chatting about when the baby would be here. Saturday was frustrating, and Sunday and Monday continued to bring random contractions and lots of just “not feeling well.” Good friends, the Downers, came over on Sunday for lunch and a bit of chilling – which was a nice mental break. We spent the rest of the weekend and Monday finishing up all of our to-dos (however non-sensical they might have been…it kept us busy!!), did a bunch of laundry and dishes and even baked to bide our time!

It certainly wasn’t easy to sleep on Monday night and Tuesday morning brought the most anxiety-ridden hours of my life. With all the anticipation of the big day, the excitement surrounding the baby, the scariness of the surgery, the nervousness in addition to not feeling well all weekend and being frustrated by my body attempting to do something – but not succeeding…I was MORE than ready to be done with it all and move on to the next stage…the baby! I had lots of sweet friends text and call that morning and while it was more than nice – I got to the point of having to turn off my phone so I could just get through the day. The surgery was scheduled for 2:30p and I was not allowed to eat for 8 hours prior – which meant I woke up at 6a to eat some cereal as my last meal. 🙂 I was so hungry all day – especially when we stopped for Nick to eat lunch on the way to the hospital…and I just watched him eat…oye!

We arrived to the hospital, got all checked in and were admitted and began surgery prep with the nurse. We soon were told that the surgery would not be on time as they had three emergency c-sections that day in addition to the scheduled ones already on the docket. No kidding! It seemed we were last in line and we were to just continue waiting. Nothing like adding to the anticipation! They put our baby’s name on the white board in the room and on the card in the bassinet and we just kept waiting…

FINALLY – at 4:40p – I was taken into surgery and Nick joined me at 5:05p. I hated being in there without Nick – I was just so scared and nervous (not to mention the anesthesiologist hitting a nerve during the spinal!) – but eventually he joined me and the surgery began. And then it became evident that the surgery would last a bit longer – the doctor kept mentioning some scar tissue she had to be careful with and it seemed like forever waiting to see the baby be raised up for us to see. But then – THERE SHE WAS! We were so thrilled and we both immediately started crying. Nick joined the baby at the warmer while they finished surgery on me and soon enough, we got to head back to our room and take a good look at Macy Victoria…our daughter!

The rest of the stay in the hospital was just so surreal – we couldn’t believe it was all actually happening. Over the course of the next 3 days – our parents came to visit, as did my girlfriend Brittany and we enjoyed getting to know Macy. The day to leave came soon enough – and as scary as it was to leave with such a tiny little being to take care of…we were thrilled to start this new chapter of our life with Macy!










Arriving home (2)

Arriving home

May Brings…a baby!

1 Apr

Well – it has been over a year since we last blogged here, but we finally have something super exciting to blog about…a baby!

Nick has wanted to have a baby since the day we were married – I, however, was not so ready (although I’ve definitely always wanted to be a mother). We’ve really enjoyed 3 years of marriage just getting to know each other and doing things together. It even makes me a bit sad to think how those days are so fleeting…but I just remind myself that it’s a new adventure that will have it’s own joys.

So here’s a quick pregnancy recap to get us all up-to-speed, and for documentation’s sake…

  • When I first found out we were pregnant (after a few months of trying), I waited up late for Nick to get home from a MBI rehearsal in order to give him a gift. He was very excited to open a set of Steelers (his favorite football team) onesies – but then signed a dramatic sigh and said “How depressing – these would be so cute, too bad we can’t get pregnant…” so I had to tell him that I wasn’t just playing with his emotions – I really was pregnant that time! Unfortunately, this pregnancy was not the baby that God intended for us to bring home and we miscarried at 8 weeks. That loss was definitely not an easy one, but we’re grateful for a loving God who knows the desires of our hearts…and gave us another baby just a few months later.
  • When I found out I was pregnant again, in August 2013, I told Nick over the phone after testing at my office. The night before, I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant – so while we were out, I stopped at FOUR different places wanting to buy a test to prove to myself it’d be negative. All four places were out of pregnancy tests that night! So I ended up just going over my lunch break the next day to Walgreens where the checkout gal said to me 1) “Do you want a bag for that?” and 2) “Well, good luck with whichever result you’re hoping for!” Awkward….
  • The first trimester was awful, just as they say it can be. Exhausted, totally yucky feeling, unable to eat much other than cereal (LOTS of cereal!), etc., etc…the usual. It was definitely pretty scary to think this all might actually be real, and we were very scared to get really excited – full-well knowing what could still happen after our last pregnancy experience. Once we got to 12/13 weeks – we breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and were thrilled to start telling family and friends!
  • Second trimester was definitely the light at the end of the tunnel after the first. Around 12-14 weeks I certainly started feeling better and loved the energy and zest for life I had. 🙂 The big 20-week ultrasound occured two days before Christmas…we went to the doctor’s that morning for it together before heading out of town for Christmas in Iowa. It was SO wonderful to be able to finally see what was going on in there – it made it so real and was such a good feeling to hear that all was going well. When the tech said, “It is a girl!” we both just laughed! We couldn’t believe it! We had thought all along it was a boy (in fact, Nick had been calling the baby by our favorite boy name) and the fact that we have so many neices already, it was just like “Well, of course it is a girl!” So fun. We went and got some breakfast and coffee after that before heading out of town. On the way down to Iowa we chose our top girl name from the 3-4 we had been thinking of previously. We told my parents that night (and mom then got out her stash of girl clothes for us to look through ;)) and Nick called his parents to tell them too. It was a fun time to announce to our families and the neices/nephews as well – in Iowa, we had some pink balloons in a big Christmas gift bag that the kids opened up. Then, when we got back to the cities later that week – we got some cupcakes with pink filling that we ate with the Meyer side of the family – the girls ate very vigourously in order to find the color inside – and were excited when it was pink! After that, things really started feeling real and we could finally start visualizing what life with a baby girl would mean. We started childbirth classes in January, hung a to-do list in the nursery and started putting things in motion.
  • The third trimester definitely brought energy-depleting “fun” and the general pains and aches began adding up. I also started seeing a chiropractor to help my pelvis stay in the right spot – which is more than a God-send for those awful pains I was getting! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes around 26 weeks – and after attempting to control it with diet for a few weeks, was then put on insulin at 31 weeks. I’m not going to lie – testing my blood 4 times a day and giving myself a shot of insulin every night was not my idea of fun. It is more to worry about, remember to do and it isn’t always pain-less. Nonetheless – it meant a means to a healthy baby, so that’s a good thing and we’re grateful for the great healthcare we’re receiving. At 32 weeks, since I was then an insulin-dependent patient, I began having 2 ultrasounds per week to check-in on the baby’s well-being and to make sure all is well. Scheduling those weren’t always easy – but again, we’re grateful for the check-ins. Once-a-week regular OB appointments also started at that time.
  • Another big item that went along with being insulin-dependent was that the doctor didn’t want me to go past 39 weeks. Which would normally mean an induction – but since I’ve already had a c-section, I couldn’t be induced due to the risk of the previous surgery’s scar tissue rupturing. So that means we had to schedule a c-section at 39 weeks…a very strange thing to schedule your baby’s birth day! We went with May 6 and (not so secretly) hoped that she’d come naturally before that so I could attempt a VBAC instead of going right into surgery.
  • This whole pregnancy, we were VERY blessed with multiple showers from friends, family and co-workers and we just can’t believe how generous everyone has been and how loved this baby is by people who have never met her. And how much they love us! We were given plenty of hand-me-downs and bought even more nice, new items. The showers have been so fun to attend – getting to spend time with my favorite people…we’re just so very blessed and grateful.

We absolutely cannot believe that our time has come and that this is all actually happening. We’re so excited to meet her and start our new family!











2013 Bride Support in Review

15 Jan
The 2013 wedding season brought more wonderful weddings and great clients. We were busier than ever and being pregnant during a portion of the season brought fun adventures, too.
In 2013, I fielded 84 inquiries, conducted 42 consultations and the company coordinated/planned 29 total weddings (me, 2 lead coordinators and 1 intern) in some capacity or another.

We completed…

  • 22 Day-of Coordination packages
  • 5 Premium packages
  • 1 Full Service packages
  • 1 other
This year brought me to some new awesome venues such as…
  • McNamana Alumni Center at the U
  • Crow Winery
  • The Women’s Club
  • Carlson Towers
  • International Market Square
  • Mayowood Stone Barn
  • TCF Stadium at the U
  • Graves 601
  • Camrose Hill Farms
  • The Spicer Castle
  • The Westin Galleria
  • WA Frost
  • Harriet Island Pavillion
  • Landmark Center






MN Wedding Photography by Katie Fears www.brioart.com

neu  2140



neuharth  0764






cherylneuharth  1922


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